I am so impressed with Climate Fast! Climate Fast is an awesome environmental organization I did a meeting recording for yesterday night. I am an avid environmentalist, and studied Environmental Studies at Trent University, and so I particularly enjoyed recording their high-energy meeting! Climate Fast is a dedicated collection of environmentally-minded individuals who lobby for change on a local level. With a glance at the massive rallies calling for climate action in Toronto, we know that the citizens of this city are concerned by global warming. However, The City of Toronto has been heel-dragging with some vital legislation to help ensure Toronto meets its carbon-reduction goals. For this reason and others, including love of their children’s right to a better future, activists at Climate Fast are determined to raise awareness. As well as lobbying, they have taken a fun approach with the promotion of world-class films that explore issues our planet is facing. The turn-out to these events has been amazing! Leonardo Di Caprio was in Toronto for the opening of Beyond The Flood, and would very much approve Climate Fast’s work. Toronto Climate Film Festival films included their own very awesome and accessible screening of Beyond The Flood, and films Beyond Crisis and Sea of Life. Members of the public who attend these films are powerfully moved and become galvanized to petition local politicians and otherwise become more proactive about the future of our planet. At the meeting, the group discussed some of the successes they were having in reaching out to people, and there was so much new news going on I almost recorded off of the paper and across the wall! I would record for Climate Fast anytime, they are dynamic and the challenges of recording (I actually had no preliminary regarding the agenda or duration when I started out) stretched my abilities while the meetings themselves are sincere, lively and from the heart. To see more about Climate Fast’s work, click here!

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Sullivan Dyment is a Graphic Recorder with a background in both business and visual art.

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