If you’ve been involved in organizations for any amount of time, you know that meetings and commitments are key to a successful team.
Learning studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Yet unnecessary meetings are costing U.S. businesses $37 billion a year, because organizations are resisting simple cultural changes that not only bring the fun factor back to meeting attendance, but can send their productivity through the roof! Why choose a live recorder over a Powerpoint presentation or a slide show?

Interest: Meeting participation becomes uplifted while the sense of ‘being a part” of a creative event is a teambuilding tool that not only far outperforms any static slideshow, but effectively locks critical concepts into the minds of the meeting participants for future recall.

Engagement: Organizations that integrate a live visual recorder are using a tool that connects all participants to an event in one of the most powerful ways possible. Without a recorder visually paraphrasing key ideas, even the best note-takers in a room will most likely shelve their text-based notes and consult them only briefly, struggling with personal distractions throughout the process of taking them down. A visual recorder is a keen listener who has studied the agenda in advance so that the resulting work allows everyone in attendance to not only focus but to later reference the content in a visually appealing manner, while amping up a positive sense of having participated as they remember the way it unfolded in their own thoughts.

Inspiration: Groups that work with visual recorders typically have more relaxed, stream-of-consciousness inspirations, coming up with solutions in a fresh way and with a fresh “outlook” on challenges!

Still hesitant? Don’t be! Contact me today and we will have a meeting that will set your mind at ease about the indispensable nature of my work.

About SK Dyment

Sullivan Dyment is a Graphic Recorder with a background in both business and visual art.

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