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Yes, my art helps clients win actual prizes! So a bit of a challenge occurred for me recently when I learned that the art I had designed for a grants-funding presentation won a considerable cash prize for my client! I wanted to post this as a braggy blog but my client had of course purchased the artwork and therefor owned the rights! I rejected the idea of mentioning it, but then I thought, what the Heck, and so I contacted them with a request to show a few pieces from the project as a blog masthead. Happily, when I contacted them and told them my braggy plans the client gave me a green light to showcase it. Ramona is a business coach friend of mine and I highly recommend her talents! Her business coaching sessions are exemplary as well as being upbeat. The sky is the limit with Ramona and her professional attitude is one of anti-oppression.

Funding: Finding funds to enlarge her business coaching work was the theme of her presentation. It seemed like a good idea! I wanted her to win to grow her business and reach more people, but, because the idea had struck her at the last minute, the timeline she gave me was a matter of almost hours! I do enjoy a creative challenge and I am fast! Still, it seemed not enough time! How was I going to get so many images done and into her email in-box? Could I do it?

I decided to jump in and help, and created a collection of 17 speedy cartoon-style graphics, watercolouring them truly minutes before Ramona had to step in front of a formal group of business people who wanted to hear her pitch! I scanned them as they dried one at a time, leaving as much time as I could to check if she was happy and needed revisions. Fortunately, since she was practically stepping in front of a group, she liked them, transferring them in to her presentation software minutes before her speech! Even though I was not there to attend the presentation, I was incredibly nervous about the events unfolding in another city. To my delight, the presentation went off without a hitch, and a few days later the assessors granted her prize money for expansion. So that’s the hair-raising tale! I am pleased that these images were used in a presentation to a grants-funding agency and actually won a cash prize! Well-deserved for Ramona, and I hope she is able to continue her work as a talented job coach with a super great heart!

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Sullivan Dyment is a Graphic Recorder with a background in both business and visual art.

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