Okay, I did it again! I sketchnoted a Ted talk, this time by Seth Itzkan on Global Warming, quite similar to the film I was excited about! I was so interested by it, my pen flowed freely and I created some nice line work I am proud of. I used a finer pen tip than usual, and it looks great!. Seth Itzkan describes cows as allies in halting Global Warming. He says a radical change in herding practices can save the planet from desertification. The talk describes grasslands as the largest terrestrial ecosystem on the planet. My fave line is: “overgrazing is a human invention.” So I listened carefully and I made this sketchnote to ensure that the story remained committed to my memory. It was also fun drawing cows. I hope that Seth Itzkan gets as wide an audience as possible. He is part of the change Gandhi told us to be.

About SK Dyment

Sullivan Dyment is a Graphic Recorder with a background in both business and visual art.

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