It may sound like an offbeat idea, but having the services of a Graphic Recorder who cares about the health of your fledgling concepts could be the extra advantage that puts you ahead of the others. While Graphic Recording generally serves groups and organizations, it is a little-known fact that I can also be contracted to sit down one-on-one with Start-Ups and individuals exploring personal planning, in order to create an attractive mind-map of fresh ideas when and where you need them the most. Tired of seeing an idea that you dismissed as fanciful suddenly become someone else’s business reality? The only difference is that they strategically designed the project stages required to make it happen!  Ever feel some of your best ideas never translated into a real business with a real plan and the right momentum forward? Your ideas are bound to benefit enormously from the services of a Graphic Recorder. Many entrepreneurs praise the mind-map as essential to their start-up process, as a proven crusher of fears and unanswered questions. In fact, you’ll find it included as part of the “tool kit” of many business start-up resources, although lacking the personal one-on-one with someone who cares and asks questions along the way. If required, we can also walk through a business planning session together, with illustrations accompanying your start-up ideas involving concept, niche, funding, marketing, product and so on. Not only does an attractive visual map of your session give you a sense of commitment to your ideas, it serves as a guide for your next planning stages. I have also studied project management and marketing concepts at university, so as a winning stage in your process, you know you’re in good hands. Know someone who might be helped by a session exploring their personal planning or Start-Up as a mind-map, with an artist asking questions as they go? Contact me, and we can arrange a meeting to not only make business dreamin’ fun, but to bring small business ideas to life!

About SK Dyment

Sullivan Dyment is a Graphic Recorder with a background in both business and visual art.

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