• Environmental Budget Meeting

    Best graphic recording session ever! I always love environmental activists, and Climate Fast is one of my favourite organizations. They met in a [...]
  • IMG_3596

    Expressive Art AGM

    Wow! What a night and an event that was particularly challenging! I was recording for the Annual General Meeting of an Ontario-wide organization, [...]
  • IMG_2875

    Recording for Environmental Activists

    I am so impressed with Climate Fast! Climate Fast is an awesome environmental organization I did a meeting recording for yesterday night. I am an [...]
  • TedxDavidSibbet

    Study of David Sibbet’s Talk

    David Sibbet is one of the founders of the practice of Graphic Recording. He is a Facilitator from California who has been introducing visuals to [...]
  • Climate Change Notes

    Climate Change is real and I like to learn everything I can about it and devote myself to making the change. I know we can get through this as a [...]
  • SketchnoteContract

    Talking to Educators

    Just wrapped up a morning workshop running some curious educators through the concepts behind using sketchnoting as a teaching tool! I drew up [...]
  • SketchnoteCowCow

    Global Warming Reversal as Sketchnote

    Okay, I did it again! I sketchnoted a Ted talk, this time by Seth Itzkan on Global Warming, quite similar to the film I was excited about! I was [...]
  • ESLGraphicRecording

    Using Graphic Recording in ESL!

    Recently I was volunteering as an ESL teacher! It's something I like to do on the side that makes me feel great. My students are brilliant and [...]
  • Ramonaheadmast

    More Great News!

    Yes, my art helps clients win actual prizes! So a bit of a challenge occurred for me recently when I learned that the art I had designed for a [...]
  • Powerofsketchnoting2

    The Power of Sketchnoting

    What is the power of sketching while you take notes? Let's start with abstraction, reflection, and add improved retention of ideas. Sketching [...]