Study of David Sibbet’s Talk

David Sibbet is one of the founders of the practice of Graphic Recording. He is a Facilitator from California who has been introducing visuals to his facilitation practice since the 1970’s. I have been researching Sibbet, his life, and reading his books for some time now. Soon I will put a review and discussion of his books up here as well. David Sibbet has written books on facilitation since at least the 1990’s but his most recent books, Visual Meetings, followed by Visual Teams and the book Visual Leaders are runaway bestsellers. In essence he has brought visuals into the realm of meetings like no one else has done. I will be writing more about him in the future. So I had to do a little sketchnote of one of his talks. The full sketchnote is in the portfolio. I used a black sharpie and large piece of quite high-tooth white paper. I am happy with the final image. I was pleased that the sharpie didn’t bleed and I now have a memory of the talk, both in a physical sense, and in my mind. That’s the effect of Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting! Recall!

Climate Change Notes

soilSolutiuonClimate Change is real and I like to learn everything I can about it and devote myself to making the change. I know we can get through this as a planet but we all have to work together. I recently watched the film “The Soil Solution to Climate Change” by Jill Cloutier and Jill Hirashima, and it was very helpful. I learned these fascinating things about the power of soil and grazing in agriculture to recapture carbon and put it back in the ground. The solution to global warming and climate change is truly right under our feet! I liked the Ted talk so much that I made it into this recording. I tried to include all the most important details. There is a lot to know, but not a lot to do! Just free the grazing animals and let them fix the problem. Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but it is certainly one of the more important Ted Talks out there! I hope you enjoy my artwork in response to their research! Climate change can be tackled if we all work together.