Talking to Educators

Just wrapped up a morning workshop running some curious educators through the concepts behind using sketchnoting as a teaching tool! I drew up these speedy flipchart sheets the day before so that I would have something to refer them to, breaking everything apart into 5 minute segments. It was an overview-type presentation, so that they would feel more familiar with terms and concepts. All of them had heard of the idea of visual notetaking as a tool for learners, but they didn’t know how to introduce it in a classroom setting. There were about twelve educators at the meeting. I carried along a lightweight easel in and set it up within seconds, and then things got rolling. It was exciting to see how interested they were, and every time I broke for Q and A they asked such super questions. Later I gave them a quick “scribble birds” lesson, not my idea but it came to me because they wanted direct ideas as to how to get non-drawers drawing. “Scribble birds” involves making a scribble-design and then adding a beak, an eye, and little bird feet. Works every time! Try it! After the meeting I enjoyed a tour of the art room and an informal chat with some of the teachers working with high school age kids downtown. Inspiring start to a great day.

Okay, I did it again! I sketchnoted a Ted talk, this time by Seth Itzkan on Global Warming, quite similar to the film I was excited about! I was so interested by it, my pen flowed freely and I created some nice line work I am proud of. I used a finer pen tip than usual, and it looks great!. Seth Itzkan describes cows as allies in halting Global Warming. He says a radical change in herding practices can save the planet from desertification. The talk describes grasslands as the largest terrestrial ecosystem on the planet. My fave line is: “overgrazing is a human invention.” So I listened carefully and I made this sketchnote to ensure that the story remained committed to my memory. It was also fun drawing cows. I hope that Seth Itzkan gets as wide an audience as possible. He is part of the change Gandhi told us to be.