What is the power of sketching while you take notes? Let’s start with abstraction, reflection, and add improved retention of ideas.
Sketching while listening is also, for obvious reasons, an excellent tool for ADHD-Multitask learning! It changes the value of the spoken word into something tangible. Sketching while you are listening lets the listener actually think about the information through different neuro-pathways in our brains. Verbal ideas transformed into visual records have resonance long after the actual recording event is finished! The process “leaves the adult thinking behind,” and uses our ability to draw that is buried inside us, lighting new sparks, or as Mike Rohde put it, using an ability “possibly repressed as kids.” Who doesn’t see value in that? These are only some of the benefits of sketchnoting. Fire up new ideas! Explore fonts! Visualize as you doodle! Sketching and doodling have power!